Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie et d'Agriculture Belgique-Luxembourg-Afrique-Caraïbes-Pacifique asbl

Kamer van Koophandel, Nijverheid en Landbouw België-Luxembourg-Afrika-Caraiben-Pacific vzw

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific npo


Founded in 1964, the CBL-ACP aims to facilitate and develop economic exchanges between Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the African (North-Africa included), Caribbean and Pacific Countries.

Its experience gives companies and organizations the opportunity to strengthen their contacts and their presence in these countries.



In Belgium

  • Events
    • conference-luncheons/dinners
    • round tables
    • seminars

with the objective of developing contacts between special guests and members.

  • Assistance to business people by providing economic and commercial information, organizing meetings, obtaining visas quickly, etc ...
  • The bilateral sections regularly organize working meetings in which country-specific issues are discussed.
  • A "Funding" working group has been set up to help members in their export activities to ACP countries, to guide them in responding to calls for tenders made either in ACP countries or by the international financial institutions.
  • The CBL-ACP represents Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in EBCAM - the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterraneanan (, working alongside other European member organizations.  It serves as the secretariat.
  • The CBL-ACP has a seat on the Board of he CRE-AC - the Belgian Reference Centre on Expertise for Central Africa (
  • It is also a Board Member of the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce (

In the African (North-Africa included), Caribbean and Pacific Countries

  • Economic missions
    are organized at regular intervals in close cooperation with federal and regional instances.
  • Permanent delegations abroad
    based in some 20 countries assist visiting members and are a source of information. 


CBL ACP Chamber of Commerce Belgium Africa

CBL ACP Chamber of Commerce Belgium Africa

CBL ACP Chamber of Commerce Belgium Africa

CBL ACP Chamber of Commerce Belgium Africa